Top 10 Putlockers Sites to Watch Movies Online for Free

We have got the list of Top 10 Working Putlocker Sites to Watch Movies Online for Absolutely Free. Movie Streaming is an absolute necessity for everyone in this era. Although frowned upon a few years ago, movie streaming companies such as Putlocker and Solar Movies are enabling on-demand streaming of the newest and most popular movies.


The fact about all these Putlocker Movie Sites is that you don’t have to wait for never-ending downloads or at queues in movie rentals is the greatest thing about living in 2018. These Putlocker sites are much better than Torrent or Torentz Movie Download Sites.

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With Putlocker Movie Sites being everyone’s excuse for staying indoors on a Friday night, the question arises if there are better sites to watch with a larger collection than a single Putlocker or any other Paid Movie Service. Due to the legal implications constantly hovering around Putlocker free movie streaming sites, most change their URLs occasionally, while others claim that their platform offers legal streaming. Nevertheless, everyone loves a good free movie streaming site, one that takes you straight to the player and doesn’t trick you into paying a subscription fee or bombard you with a hundred spam-ridden ads and links.

These Putlocker Sites are more preferable than the big names in movie streaming like Amazon and Netflix because not everyone can afford to pay a monthly subscription fee. Here are 10 non-conventional and working Putlocker sites with an awesome collection of movies to watch online.

Putlocker.AC is a movie-streaming website that’s been around for quite a while and has a massive repository of over 1000 movies online. Putlocker AC streams the latest, in-demand movies in high-quality. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming on of Movies and popular TV shows. Putlocker has managed to dodge online movie streaming bans through frequent URL changes. No registration or payment is required to watch movies on this but you will definitely need a high-speed internet connection to avoid delayed buffering. The best thing about is that they don’t have too many ads to clutter your movie experience and you can find old rare movies that you don’t generally find on biggies like Netflix.

Putlocker ac

Putlocker.RS is a recommended movie streaming website of 2018 that boasts of a huge collection of over 1500 movies from different genres to cater to online movie watchers with varying tastes. Putlocker RS is also one among the glorious movie sites online that doesn’t force you to pay insane subscription fees or suffer through spammy ads. A few movie genres on include Comedy, Horror, Drama, Action, Romance, Family Movies, Documentaries, Foreign Films, etc. Putlocker RS never runs out of movies. You can sit back and watch without even registering on the site.

Putlocker rs

Putlocker.SK not only has a good collection of titles to watch online but you can even do movie download from this site. There are several movies and TV series to watch from Putlocker SK in 720p and movies are categorized according to Genres, Countries, etc. Putlocker.SK also has featured movies and an amazing collection of the best TV-series of 2018. Putlocker SK also has a separate curated list of top IMDB movies and TV series to choose from. Watch all the impending movies and TV series from your Watch List on Putlocker.SK and experience movie nights like nothing Netflix could ever give you.

Putlocker sk

Putlocker.FM is another free online movie streaming site that’s around since movie streaming online first began. Putlocker fm is very easy to navigate through and they have HD movies and the latest titles. You don’t need to sign-up or register with but you can go straight to streaming the movies of your choice. Putlocker fm is easy to navigate and its pretty simple to search and find the movie you’re looking for. Movies are categorized for easy search and the search bar is available for skipping the lists. is one of the largest free movie streaming sites available and if you’re looking to quickly stream a movie without going through tedious registration processes, Putlocker fm is the site for you.

Putlocker fm has a large content database including Movies, TV Series, and Anime and is recommended for easy and fast movie streaming. The movie collection on Putlocker Sexy never gets stagnant and regularly has a new movie or two for users to stream online. is the go-to place for online movie streaming and is a favourite among movie-buffs who think paying for movie streaming subscription services is ridiculous and expensive. Register with by creating an account and follow channels to build your own movie watching streak containing titles watched and to-be-watched.

Putlocker sexy


Putlocker.Today has a collection of the latest movies and tv shows for on-demand streaming. Putlocker Today runs on Ads but offers digital content free of cost for users. Putlocker.Today content library is growing rapidly and currently boasts of a large user base. The Movies and Series on Putlocker Today are organized according to genre, language, alphabets, and browsing is simple and hassle-free. Putlocker.Today has tried to mimic Netflix’s interface which is a good attempt. Although you can stream on-demand with Putlocker Today by registering and creating an account on the website, you can create a ‘Watch Later’ list of all the movies you plan to devour.

Putlocker today


Putlocker TV is the next best site for a well-curated collection of the best digital content online. New movies are available every other day and you can search from a variety of content including Series, Cartoons, Animes, and what not. The content on PutlockerTV can be viewed in different formats including HD, HDRip, SD, TS, and CAM. For seamless, quick buffering of movies on Putlocker.TV, multiple servers work to bring you the latest titles in high quality streaming. You can add the movies of your choice to a Watch Later playlist for back-to-back streaming or download a movie to watch at your leisure.

Putlocker tv


Putlocker.CM is an excellent movie streaming platform containing both popular movies as well as some rare ones that are hard to find on regular movie streaming platforms. Putlocker cm has minimal ads and is a good site for streaming movies without spammy ads popping up on your screen every few minutes. Content on Viewster is free and doesn’t require registration or an account. Although the movies on are watchable, you may not find high definition streaming quality. The Putlocker cm Player is very flexible for comfortable viewing and includes the full-screen option, scrubbing, etc. Putlocker CM is Ad based so expect to see at least one ad while on the website. Putlocker CM also has Android and iPhone apps for movie streaming on various devices.

Putlocker cm

Putlocker.IS in the list of free moving streaming websites is Putlocker which has a decent collection of the best movies and series with fewer ads compared to other sites. database is well-curated and categorized according to popularity, genre, staff picks, etc. Putlocker IS claims that the movies streamed on their website are legal. The user interface is navigable and simple. No account registration is required and streaming movies on Putlocker IS is right off the bat. The quality of content is median since most movies on’s platform are not high definition.

Putlocker is


Putlocker123 has been around for quite a few years now and is still one of the best places to stream movies online. The newest movies come on Putlockers123 faster than the speed of light and it’s a highly recommended site for online movie streaming. You can actually check for newly released movies on Putlocker123 before finding it in your local movie theatre.