Top 10 YIFY Torrent Movie Download Sites (Unblocked & Working)

Lots of people just think about what are YIFY Movie Sites and how these site works and are useful. Many of them have just heard about the movie download site YIFY but did not know much about it. In simple terms, YIFY is a network of torrent movie download site whereas torrent commonly refers to a computer file which comprises of metadata that has different information. Yes, you heard it correct, Torrent Movie download files are available on YIFY Movie Download Sites. It is known that any torrent file usually comes with some extension like .torrent. However, it will not encompass actual contents, which in intended to be distributed. There are many YIFY Torrent Sites available now and most of them are free to download movies.


YIFY can also term as the torrent movie search engine, it is one of the finest network of sites to search as well as download torrent movies on your device directly. You can easily search movie torrents by selecting your favorite Yify Movie Download Site and then you can directly download movies using Torrent Clients. Torrents are peer to peer, so they would be easier on bandwidth. This suggests that torrent download allows you to download from other people who are already sharing and downloading that movie. For this you would require a torrent client, but if you are using Ubuntu then Transmission must be pre-installed.  Let’s have a look at the 10 best working Yify movie download.

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YTS.AG is identified as one of the supreme yify torrent sites and it is also one of the oldest one. You can have movie download from this site. The last year has been comparatively quiet for this YTS AG famous yify site, the one which is running from its original domain name – YTS .AG currently. YTS AG site is prevalent since 15 years and has avoided government incursion. Its domain name was different earlier but now its back to .ag.


YTS.AM is also an outstanding working yify download site which you must try if you wish to enjoy your favourite movie. If you wish, you can consider YTS AM site as a super torrent index because it presents a metasearch engine. Moroever, the feature makes it unique from the originally available yify site. Initially, YTS.AM was launched in form of the original YTS.AM website, but it was freely closed in 2016.


YTS.GG began its working as a Bulgarian tracker, and it has won the hearts of several video pirates. YTS GG site was established during 2008 and it focuses on high-quality video releases. The website is very simple to understand for novices. Also, a large community regularly makes feedback on yify download site.  YTS.GG owns the reputation for being known as high-qulity yify sites and YTS GG shows latest TV shows and movies.

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YifyMovies.TV is recognized as the unofficial successors of the obsolete YTS or YIFY group. Every other yify sites were not happy that the site seized and some are also banning its releases. Though yify movies tv site is controversial, it is popular because of its exciting features. is presently found with domain name yify movies. It is found that YTS and YIFI are well-known groups that launch their own yify., as per TorrentFreak is actually not affiliated with YTS or YIFI. However, it claims to be the sole official site available for the groups’ releases. Irrespective of being official site or not, it is assured that yifymovies tv is very popular, hence you would get many seeders as well as fast downloads.

Putlocker ac


The yify site sustains where it left off the preceding year. Yify online has attained excess traffic and, contrasting many sites in this list, the site owns an expert group of uploaders. They always deliver fresh content. was started in 2007, and a revamp of this website conveyed a huge leap in traffic. The site comes with fresh and clean index page, and offers an extensive range of TV shows, movies, and games. You will find all the significant things from this powerful torrent download site. is a novice to the torrenting scene or you can say, newcomer to the peer-to-peer world. yifyhdtorrent com comes with wonderful and intuitive interface. Users can easily make an account on this yify hd torrent site. For that, you may need details like username, email address, and password for the sign up process, in order to effectively manage subscriptions to the chosen TV shows as well as movies. You can have preferred movie download from With more than 1,300 TV shows as well as 30,000 movies to select from, this movie download site is a wonderful approach to quench your TV cravings.

In 2015, the original TV-torrent distribution group named as was closed because of an aggressive takeover. During that time, some new owners had claimed ownership of the brand. It is known that the new group presently runs from yifymovies is and it continues to release torrents. The corresponding releases are disqualified on certain other yify movies download sites because of the controversial history. group launches their own torrents, so users get access to a specific content which they may not get elsewhere. Even at present, the group is active and functions to update its own index regularly. is identified as a well-known renewal of the anime yify torrent site named as Yify movies me, which was closed off the previous year. As it is a kind of anime-oriented sites, Yifymovies me comes with many useful features. All the features are free on Users can get access to the content they look for like TV shows, movies, games, etc. and can download them.


YTS.GS is prevalent since more than five years and by now YTS GS is an established yify movie download site. YTS.GS is known that the site’s operator even operates the torrent cache iTorrents. The torrent cache iTorrents is utilized by many yify search engines like YTS.GS. The interface of YTS GS is sleek and download process is easy. is regarded as one of those yify online movie sites that perceived a meteoric increment in traffic in 2018. The site is basically a meta-search engine which actively links to torrent files as well as magnet links belonging to other yify online sites.


The yify sites discussed above are completely working and you can use them in hassle-free manner. You can download your favorite movies from these yify movie download sites.